I'm in the feminism episode of this show. Obviously I haven't seen the final cut, but the conversation that I had—which involved a black porn performer, Sinnamon Love; Ana; Meghan; and myself, was actually really smart and involved Meghan listening to, not talking at, a black sex worker. It remains to be seen how the… » 9/09/13 12:21pm 9/09/13 12:21pm

I think you are misreading his point. The point James is making—which is one that I, myself, have made many times—is that having a specific genre of "porn for women" (which is not the same as feminist porn, given that many people who create feminist porn don't even identify as women) is limiting to women. He's not saying … » 8/30/13 5:31pm 8/30/13 5:31pm